The development of logistics industry informatization

Column:INDUSTRY INFORMATION Time:2020-06-30
Logistics industry is a basic and strategic industry supporting national economic and social development. Promoting "Internet plus logistics" can not only develop new economy but also enhance the competitiveness of traditional economy.

The logistics industry is a basic and strategic industry supporting the development of national economy and society. Promoting Internet plus logistics can not only develop new economy but also enhance the competitiveness of traditional economy. In its executive meeting in July 20th, Li Keqiang said: "we must promote the deep integration of information technology and logistics with the Internet, big data and cloud computing, and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's logistics industry and animal industry. This is the "supply side reform" of the logistics industry. China's one belt, one road strategy is facing the challenges of transformation and upgrading. China's economy is facing great challenges and opportunities. As the basic industry of China's economic development, logistics industry is an indispensable and important link. What is the current development situation of China's logistics industry, how is the informatization level of China's logistics industry? Where will China's logistics intelligent development go in the future? A reporter from China business circle interviewed Jia Xinhe, the founder of China, on the current problems in the logistics industry.

Linking -- breaking through the "two veins of appointment and supervision" of information asymmetry in logistics industry

At the beginning of its establishment, China Netcom is a public logistics information platform based on "one-stop solution to goods circulation problems of shipping enterprises". Based on the current situation of information asymmetry in China's logistics industry, according to the problems of domestic logistics enterprises and industry development, China Netcom has broken the stubborn disease of China's logistics industry information asymmetry through the Internet platform. Through the "link", the majority of shipping enterprises can easily find all kinds of logistics enterprises through the Internet at any time, and open up the "two veins of supervision" of the logistics industry To realize the information flow of logistics industry and solve the biggest problem of logistics industry.

"The essence of logistics is the process of transporting goods from one place to another," Jia said Due to the rapid development of urbanization in China, most logistics enterprises or transport vehicles are scattered in the periphery of remote cities. When shipping enterprises need to find transport vehicles or logistics enterprises, it is time-consuming and laborious to find logistics distribution centers, logistics parks and parking lots, which is a typical "logistics information asymmetry" problem. Jia Xinhe said: "at that time, I was thinking about whether I could connect the" outlets "and" routes "of logistics enterprises through the Internet, so that the delivery enterprises could easily find the logistics enterprises and transport vehicles through the accurate search of the provinces, prefectures and counties of the" departure place "and the" destination ", and directly contact the logistics enterprises to deliver the goods to the destination, so as to solve the problem of finding vehicles and logistics easily The problem. "

With the rapid development of China's economy, the circulation areas of modern enterprises are becoming wider and wider, and the types and quantities of goods are becoming more and more diversified. Due to the late start of China's logistics industry, the network scale of logistics enterprises is generally small, so it is more difficult to find logistics when delivering goods. For example, it is a logistics company to send goods from Beijing to Yunnan, and another company from Beijing to Shanxi. Therefore, many logistics enterprises need to be found to deliver goods across the country. Based on this background, China Netcom integrates logistics service providers such as "logistics enterprises, transport vehicles, sea and air transportation, express delivery, moving and vehicle distribution" through the Internet system. Through the best "link" tool of the Internet, the information asymmetry can be broken, and the logistics enterprises can easily find the logistics enterprises they need through the Internet Receiving the source of goods, the one-stop solution to the "information flow" problem in the logistics industry makes it easy for logistics enterprises to realize business informatization.

Information platform links logistics transportation convenience

According to the diversified logistics needs of enterprises, such as the number of deliveries and the distance, China Netcom integrates the information of various logistics service enterprises, such as third-party logistics companies, transport vehicles, and distribution of goods; logistics enterprises can publish "outlets" to the Internet of Wutong, and set multiple outlets into "routes" to form logistics lines or logistics networks; Through the platform of Wutong, we can easily search the logistics information needed, and clearly see the logistics company's specific network coordinates, line prices, transportation time limit and other detailed logistics information; This not only solves the problem of many intermediate links and high cost caused by logistics information asymmetry, but also plays the role of link, which can be gradually disintermediated, which is also the greatest value of Internet platform. Talking about the foothold of the development of Wutong, Jia Xinhe said: "China Netcom first links, based on the comprehensive logistics needs of shipping enterprises. For a large number of goods, you can find the owner of a long-distance return car; for a small amount of goods, you can find a direct line with low price, high speed and high efficiency; for international export, there are sea and air transportation. " At present, Wutong has opened the "door-to-door" intra city distribution service. It makes the whole link around the logistics needs of the delivery enterprises, so that the enterprises can easily transport out no matter how much or how far the goods are, so as to realize the one-stop solution to the logistics problems of the shipping enterprises, which is also the positioning of the brand of iotong. Wutong not only solves the problem of logistics information asymmetry, but also realizes the interconnection of logistics line information of logistics enterprises. The delivery enterprises and logistics enterprises can communicate together, and can also directly compare the service commitment and freight price of logistics enterprises on the website, so as to realize the sharing and transparency of logistics information resources, which can effectively reduce the delivery enterprises The cost of logistics can also guide the service upgrading of logistics industry and the transparency of related expenses. Logistics information platform has become the "magic weapon" for the delivery enterprises to reduce the logistics cost.

Realizing the interconnection of logistics industry by informatization

China Netcom designed to set up "routes" by publishing "outlets", so that shipping enterprises can easily and accurately find logistics enterprises through the places of departure and arrival, directly increase the promotion mode of "source of goods", and help logistics enterprises realize "business informatization". Shipping enterprises can easily find logistics enterprises and outlets through the Internet platform, mobile app and vehicle terminal of China Netcom, so as to help logistics enterprises increase the source of goods and enhance the degree of "business informatization" of logistics enterprises.

In order to realize the real-time "monitoring" of goods in transit, China IOT developed an "Internet of vehicles intelligent monitoring platform" in 2013. Transport vehicles download IOT app or install vehicle terminals, and logistics enterprises and shipping enterprises monitor the status of goods and vehicle location through the Internet or mobile app; Through mobile app or Internet platform, logistics enterprises can see daily driving track, parking time, fuel consumption, running mileage statistics, performance evaluation, driving records and other information in real time. Aiming at the intelligent management and control of vehicles, it realizes intelligent vehicle management and control for logistics enterprises, and helps logistics enterprises realize "informatization of transportation process".

In order to realize the online logistics tracking query of shipping enterprises, and according to the current situation of extensive management of most logistics enterprises in China, China Netcom has developed a TMS (transportation management system) platform according to the business management process of logistics enterprises to help logistics enterprises easily realize the internal information management of enterprises Logistics management system, logistics enterprises can easily control each branch of each place through the platform, realize real-time information management and control of the whole company, comprehensively improve the informatization of internal management of logistics enterprises, improve the operation efficiency and operating profit, and comprehensively upgrade the internal management informatization of logistics enterprises. China Netcom has been a public logistics information platform since 2008. It has made logistics links to make it more convenient, faster and simpler for enterprises to deliver goods, find cars and find logistics. It has realized the symmetry of logistics information, and has gradually extended to o2o (online to offline) service mode. At the same time, according to the current situation of the development of the logistics industry, China has gradually extended to o2o (online to offline) service mode; believes that the logistics information platform can help logistics enterprises realize information transformation and upgrading at low cost, gradually improve the informatization level of China's logistics industry, and realize the company positioning of "being an information service expert in China's logistics industry". The Internet of vehicles real-time track tracking, online monitoring, real-time intelligent assessment and control of the whole transportation process. The vehicle can also be connected with temperature sensing and temperature control equipment, and the temperature and humidity of special goods can be mastered in real time. This is called "informatization of transportation process". The informatization of transportation process can improve the transportation efficiency of vehicles, increase the transparency, reduce the cost of vehicle management and control, achieve the effect of reducing expenditure and efficiency, and reduce the cost of logistics enterprises.

The direction of the development of "Internet plus logistics" industry

Compared with the developed countries, China's logistics industry started late, but it has the advantage of backwardness. At present, China's logistics industry has gradually transformed from the first party logistics and the second party logistics, which are mainly composed of sales and procurement, and now it is gradually changing to the third-party logistics, and the development momentum is good, and the fourth party logistics also has the budding potential.
In recent years, China IOT has developed Internet platform, PC terminal distribution software, mobile app software, vehicle terminal, Internet of vehicles platform, online insurance, SaaS logistics management platform, logistics management system of shipping enterprises, etc. through cooperation with China iotcom, logistics enterprises can not only realize business informatization and vehicle control informatization through online order receiving, but also realize CTM (collaborative trans) It can also manage the business flow. Now the data sheet number is linked with the iotong network platform. Through mobile phones, computers and other clients, you can check the situation of goods at any time, and realize the informatization of the whole logistics process.
How can Wutong ensure the logistics company's service on the platform in place? Jia Xinhe said: "enterprises should have a set of strict access threshold to register members on the website, and they need to provide business license, road transportation license, operation license and other relevant qualification certificates. Of course, there are many companies running away, which is difficult to control. Our company's audit is currently the most stringent domestic logistics platform. Logistics enterprises need complete certificates, vehicles need driving license, and must provide the ID card of the vehicle owner. The company should have a business license and sign an agreement with the company. After ensuring these, in order to ensure the safety of goods, online insurance should be carried out, such as loss insurance, damage insurance, etc., which greatly reduces the goods Security risks. "
Transformation and upgrading inject new vitality into logistics industry
Due to the slowdown of the real economy in recent years, the logistics industry has also entered a period of industrial integration, transformation and upgrading. What kind of development stage is the logistics industry now? In response to a reporter's question from China business, Jia Xinhe said: "the current market environment is not optimistic for the development of the logistics industry, especially for the third-party logistics enterprises, human costs, labor costs, and so on Vehicle costs, rent costs and other operating costs have been rising, many small and medium-sized logistics enterprises have a difficult time. In the past, the current situation of the logistics industry was small, scattered, disordered and poor. However, with the development of information technology, the logistics industry has gradually changed from manual operation to Internet mechanized operation. " Through the platform to show services, make the service and value more transparent, let the whole transportation process receive a lot of evaluation, which will promote the improvement of service standards and improve the information transparency of the whole industry.
When talking about the role of the platform, Jia Xinhe said: "the next few years must be the time for the logistics industry to carry out industrial integration, transformation and upgrading. However, China has a vast territory, a wide distribution of products, and a large logistics demand market, but it is relatively scattered. It is difficult for China's logistics market to form a situation in which one or two logistics enterprises occupy a large share of the whole market, and the whole market will be dominated by small and medium-sized logistics enterprises. Moreover, these small and medium-sized logistics companies will be more professional, lower price and higher efficiency, which will play a great role in reducing logistics costs. In other words, the number of logistics enterprises in China will be very large in the future, but they are all specialized and highly efficient. The major ones are to be high-end customers, such as Debang, Huayu, Baishi Huitong, etc., whose freight prices are high and their services are good. Then these small and medium-sized trunk lines are mass products, such as food, furniture and other daily products. They have a large quantity, high efficiency and low price, which play a key role in production-oriented enterprises
Therefore, China's logistics industry is still a three-dimensional type, that is, high, medium and low-end. This low-end does not refer to service, but to be more specialized, forming a professional division of labor, more transparent information management and control, more standard and professional service, higher efficiency and lower cost.
In recent years, it is difficult for logistics enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Now, many operating costs of logistics enterprises are increasing, but the freight of logistics is declining in recent years. Therefore, in order to achieve intensive service upgrading and higher efficiency, we should start from time efficiency and operational efficiency. Because of the strong informatization, timeliness and interactivity of logistics, iotong can help enterprises open source, let shipping enterprises find, and thus increase more sources of goods. Through vehicle management and vehicle control, the original transportation may need 10 vehicles. Now, 7 vehicles can complete the distribution and reduce the cost. Through the TMS (transportation management system) platform, we can realize intensive management and control, with higher efficiency. It used to take three people to finish a job. Now two people can finish it. Outlets can also achieve remote information management and control, reduce costs and improve efficiency.
There is a long way to go to realize the intellectualization of China's logistics
"The basis of intelligence is informatization, without informatization, there is no way to be intelligent. For the vast number of Chinese logistics enterprises, how to realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprise informatization is the primary task. Only after gradually realizing the informatization of transportation process and enterprise business process management can they gradually advance to intellectualization," said Jia Xinhe. Now the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of communications have put forward the concept of intelligent logistics. China's logistics industry is gradually realizing the informatization and intellectualization of logistics, which is the future